Aaron Bryant

The man behind Infrared Solutions and its thermography technology.
Aaron has spent the last 20 years in the building industry. 16 years building experience in Toronto, Canada culminated in his own successful renovation company “Kiwi Kontracting” which specialized in modernising and renovating some of Toronto's lovely old homes and historical buildings. Since moving back to New Zealand in 2006, he has trained and become certified in thermography - a technology that he had seen in use in Toronto for a number of building diagnostic purposes. He is now one of a very small number of ITC Level 2 Certified Thermograher who enjoys furthering his education in this field. In 2008 he also began training as a “HERS” assessor with ABSA the “Association of Building Sustainability Assessors”. This is the new energy star rating system for your home. The "HERS" system enables us to assign a star rating to your house’s energy efficiency in much the same way your refrigerator has a energy star rating. Infrared Solutions brings a wealth of practical experience in the building and construction industry which, combined with the latest thermography technology, offers cost-saving and useful services over a range of applications. It was seeing the diagnostic potential of technology while working in Canada that led Aaron Bryant to train as a certified thermographer on his return to New Zealand. He is now able to use this innovative technology.