A home is the single largest investment most of us will make, placing protection of your asset and energy efficiency of your property of paramount importance.

Thermography enables you to have more information in your corner, so you can make a decision to buy with confidence. If you already own a home, we can help locate the source of various problems and help minimise repairs – saving you both time and money.

Water and heat are the two elements most likely to present problems.

Our non-intrusive technology can detect:

Water leaks

Moisture Problems

Electrical faults

Roof Leaks

Heat loss and gain

Missing insulation

Moisture problems

In-floor heating failure


View the kind of data you will get from an infrared scan

80% of Electrical faults are not visible.

Visual detection of electrical faults is not possible because the temperature has not risen enough to discolour the insulation, or the fault may be hidden inside the component.

Thermal scans will provide you with long term condition monitoring - so you can predict potential failures and reduce your downtime.

Many insurance companies now require a regular thermal inspection of your electrical systems for fire prevention.

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